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Diabetic Foot Care


The leading cause of amputations in this country remains Diabetes. Amazingly, this can easily be prevented by following four simple rules.

           1.  You can not feel your feet as well as you could before you developed diabetes. Therefore you have to use your eyes once a day to make sure you do not have any injuries. A small skin wound in a diabetic is a medical emergency and should be treated with a doctor’s visit and antibiotics.

           2.  Dry skin cracks open on it’s own and when it hits something or something hits it. That means you must put cream on your feet daily especially after bathing. Any cream will do. The best include lanolin so I recommend Lidoderm which is inexpensive.        

            3.  Always wear white sox.  White sox add a layer of protection to your feet should you drop anything on them or hit the coffee table. If you have a wound, the seepage or blood will be immediately apparent so you can get to the doctor.      Colored sox have dye in them and if you have a wound, the dye can lead to infection and prevent healing.

           4.  Wear good shoes with orthotics to properly support and protect your feet. Many insurance companies will pay for diabetic shoes and custom orthotics. Even if they do not, you have to invest in both. We can help you find modestly priced appliances.

True story. When I was in my residency training I was part of a study where every other patient with diabetic vascular disease was referred to either surgery or rehabilitation for treatment. The surgical treatments included bypass surgery and out of 100 patients 31 wound up with amputations from failed bypass grafts within five years. In the rehabilitation group, we only had 2 patients wind up with amputations and both suffered traumatic injuries in motor vehicle accidents that complicated their care. We were almost 100 for 100 and all we did was the above four steps and treated all skin wounds as medical emergencies with antibiotics and Una Boots

Get with the program. No excuses. There is nothing to it.



Specializing in non-surgical treatment of low back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel and sports injuries in Rhode Island (RI).

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