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About Our Staff

Physical Therapists are experts in applying treatments known as modalities, which help the body heal. They include electrical stimulation, ultrasonic heat, traction, fluidotherapy etc. They coordinate with the massage therapists when massage is necessary and with the exercise trainers when the patient is ready to advance to strength and conditioning programs. They are the team coordinators. Despite the reductions in reimbursements from insurance companies, we still provide one on one therapy treatments and do no have group sessions. We believe that your injury is unique. You need one on one care.


Massage therapists at our facility are all board certified and trained in medical massage. While most faculties have the PT do “a little massage” when indicated, we dedicate a specialist in massage who provides a full treatment session. Massage is an extremely affective therapeutic tool when combined with proper PT, exercise and medication.

Exercise trainers/personal trainers are experts in using equipment to help you attain your goals of strength and conditioning. Once your injury is recovered, you need to stabilize your body to maintain that recovery and even improve from your pre-injury state. We have connections throughout the state to help you establish a long-term program either at home or at a non-medial exercise facility.  Discounts are available.

The use of chiropractic and acupuncture techniques in modern Western Medicine is become more appreciated. For specific Spine injuries, manual manipulations and acupuncture can be an effective tool.  As a wise man once said, anything that has been around for 1000 years has some merit. The key is how to integrate that treatment with all the others so you receive the maximal benefit.

Dietary concerns are of paramount importance. Wellness starts with a good diet and we are determined to help you loose weight when necessary to remove the stress and strain from your injury. We participate in several diet programs including Optfast.


Staff Bios:



Peter Holmes is a personal trainer. That Gym Guy Personal Training & Fitness in Providence opened its doors January 2010 in the effort to help our neighbors get fit and live a healthy lifestyle. I am the owner, Peter Holmes, and I have a passion for helping people reach their  fitness goals. 

Our approach to fitness is to offer one-on-one personal training in a comfortable and well appointed studio. You have our undivided attention to guarantee the most efficient training possible.  No lines.  No reason to be self-conscious.  Just results!

The trainers at That Gym Guy Personal Training & Fitness in Providence are personable and knowledgeable.  You instantly feel welcome and part of the family.  We ensure your safety while exercising and provide programming guaranteed to get results.  That Gym Guy Personal Training & Fitness in Providence is clean, modern, and a place you would look forward to coming to.

Feel free to stop in for a tour – We look forward to meeting you!

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Specializing in non-surgical treatment of low back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel and sports injuries in Rhode Island (RI).

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